About Me

I am a cognitive graduate student in the psychology department at University of California, Santa Cruz. My primary area of focus is high level visual perception and I work with Nicolas Davidenko in the Perception lab. I am trained in both experimental design and statistical analysis, and have presented at many conferences, both as an undergraduate and a graduate student. My research interest is how people communicate with and perceive each other through digital media, especially newer forms (VR/AR). Currently I am working on 5 projects focusing on face perception, CMC, and VR/AR. Visit my project page for more information.



Face Perception & Computational Models 2014 – Present
How can we use a physical face space of line drawings to study face perception?
What are the benefits of different types of face space models?
Cognitive Psychology PhD program
University of California, Santa Cruz
Computer Mediated Communication 2016
How do we use face images to communicate through technology?
How do we use avatars to navigate social spaces?
Masters degree in Cognitive Psychology
University of California, Santa Cruz
Virtual and Augmented Reality 2012 – 2014
How do we perceive these new mediums? How do we use them to communicate?
In what ways do they enhance our social interactions?
BA in Intensive Psychology with honors
University of California, Santa Cruz